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We're Family

Chapter 7

Kassie’s POV.

“You should get this one” Jackie told me holding a beautiful blue dress.
“Ill try it on if you try this one on…” I said holding up a pretty little red dress that I think would go perfect with her.
“Okay” she said. I walked in a dressing room to try on the blue dress whist she walked in the next one.
We walked out and decided to buy them.
“Should we go home now, I don’t think I can hold any more shopping bags…” she said.
“Fine lets go.” We went to the car and put all our bags in the back.
On our way home, I saw a Starbucks, so we stopped to get something.
“Jackie, what do you want?” I asked her, she was staring at her phone, reading a text message I guess.
“What do you want to get?”
She said her order and we went to sit down to wait for our drinks.
We sat there quietly waiting; she was on her phone reading something until I asked,
“What are you doing?”
“What are you doing?” I repeated
“Oh nothing.”
“Jackie, I know you’re doing something, what are you doing?”
“I’m just on twitter, damn,” she snapped
She looked a bit mad so I decided to just leave it alone for now.
Once we got home, we found out that Skylar and Abigail were out.
And it was only us with the guys.
“I’m bored.” I complained.
“So? What can we do about it?” said Louis with his sassy-ass self.
“I don’t know”
“Well imam call mum, you gonna talk to her?”
“Nah, I’ll talk to her later..”
He went to his room to call mum whist I went to my room to call my boyfriend.
His name is Caleb jones, he’s perfect. He’s loves me and I love him but I haven’t told Louis anything about him because then he’ll get all brotherly and shit.
I lay on my bed to call Caleb and I see Jackie still on her phone, still on twitter I’m guessing.
“Hello?” I hear Caleb’s voice
“How’s your brother’s house babe”
“It’s cool, but I miss you.”
“I miss you too babe, when are you gonna come back home?”
“I don’t know yet..”

We talked for what seemed a couple of minutes, but was actually it was an hour. God i miss him so much.
i decided to take a shower, to take my mind off things. i got out the shower and changed into this.
i walk out the restroom, trying to dry my hair with my towel. i see Jackie still in the same position as i saw her before i got in the shower; still lying on her stomach on her bed looking through her phone.
She was probably still on twitter.

Twitter: a place where people can freely express their feelings towards you.

And by people i mean Directioners. Most of them are are nice and actually care, but others get send hate. and remind us of how imperfect we are.
Thats exactly why i don't log in twitter the often anymore;hate.
And i know that right now Jackie isn't reading all the nice tweets.
"Jackie.." i say softly. i don't want her to get mad or take this the wrong way.
"what are you doing?"
"reading something"
"what are you reading?"
"are you in twitter?"
i went over and snatched her phone from her hand.

She was in twitter.
"sorry.." she sighed.

@liam's_honey_boo: @Jackie_Payne How are you even Liam's sister? Your so ugly and nobody wants you! You should do not only the world but also yourself a favor and just kill yourself!!

@princess_payne: @Jackie_Payne Your a fuckin cunt! Your so ugly! Im glad Liam isn't like you, if not everyone would hate him!

@Directioner101: @Jackie_Payne I love you so much, your so pretty!

@mrs.payne: @Jackie_Payne I hate you so much! Your so ugly. Nobody likes you. Not even Liam!

There was a lot more but i decided not to read anymore. instead i went over to Jackie, and hugged her.
"you shouldn't read that, its not true" i say
"i know its not true..." she says "but i don't know why they hate me so much"
"because they don't know you, if they did know you, they would know what an awesome person you are"
"welcome, now come on, lets go down stairs for dinner"

We went down stairs to see that Skylar and Abigail had come home from wherever they went.

Louis and Harry were playing Mario Go Kart, Niall and Zayn were arguing about something, Liam was in his phone, and Skylar and Abigail were talking about something.
"hey guys" i said but nobody answered since everybody was in their own world.
"hey!" i yelled, only loud enough for everyone to hear me. everybody stopped and looked at me,
"better" i said, "what are you going to eat, I'm starving"
"lets go to nandos!" said niall, of course.
"sure, but we're not all gonna fit in a car"
"why not only two people go and bring everyone some take out" said harry
"i'll go" yelled Niall and Skylar.
"alright then." i said, " Bring us food!" i yelled


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