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We're Family

Chapter 6

Zayn's POV
When skylar told us that she ran away i wasn't shocked. First of all because it does sound like her, me and her used to be super close before i auditioned for the x-factor but than i had to go on tour with the guys and we didn't have time to talk as much anymore. And second of all because my older sister, Doniya, called this morning.

i woke up in the morning to the sound of my phone ringing "ughh..." i groan as i reach over to my nightstand where my phone is, put it up to my ear, without even bothering to see who it was,"hello ?" i answered with my groggy morning voice.
"why are you calling gem so early?" i ask noticing that it was 7:08.
"umm, well skylar ran away, i haven't seen her since yesterday. i thought maybe you would know where she was since your the closest one to her than any of us ?", she said, i can tell by the sound of her voice the she is really worried.
"what do you mean 'you haven't seen her since yesterday', she didn't tell you where she was going"
"well, she told me that she was going out shopping with friends but then she never came back. zayn, what if something bad happened to her, it'll all be my fault cause i let her go" by now she was full on sobbing and i could barely make out what she was saying.
"Doniya, don't worry nothing happened to her she's safe okay just calm down."
"how do you know that? right now she could be kidnapped or raped..."
"no, she's not. she's here with me"
"she came last night,she didn't call before coming because she said she waited to surprise me but i guess she didn't call because she run away.."
"oh my god zayn I'm so relieved. but why didn't she tell me or mum?"
"i don't know but ill talk to her and don't worry she's safe with me and the boys"
"okay Zayn take care of her and tell her to call me later on, oh and sorry waking you up"
"ha, its okay don't worry about it. love you bye"
"love you to bye"
~End of Flashback~

a lot of questions rushed through my head after our conversation but the only one i cared about the most was: Why would she run away?
"why?" i asked, breaking the silence in the living room which was were everyone stood at the moment, still shocked of what Skylar had just told them.
"Zayn theres a lot of reasons but i don't want to talk about that right now, okay?" she said before we even said 'okay', she started talking again,"you're not mad?"
"no, I'm not but we're still going to talk about this later."
"ok, but are you going to send me back home?"she said, i can see by the look in her eyes that she really don't want to go home, "no-" i said but she cut me off, "yay, your the best big brother ever!"
"Hahaha, you didn't let me finish.." i continued " you could stay as long as you want but you have to call Doniya"
"she called this morning asking for you. Skylar she was worried sick about you."
"okay ill call her" she sighed
"good and..."
"and?"she asked nervously.
"you have to get a job."
"what? why?"
"because i don't want you thinking that staying here is a reward for running away from home."
"fine, ill get a job. wait right now?"
"yes right now."
"fine, com'on Aby lets go get a job..."she pulled Aby by the arm
"what?! no, i don't have to get a job you do."
"pleaseeee just come with me.."
"fine then but your gonna owe me..."
"fine whatever." at that they left the house.
"you really want her to get a job"asked liam
" well no but she really needs something to do so why not?"

Sky's POV

Currently me and Aby are walking at the park. No we're not really gonna look for a job. i want to become a model or a fashion designer, and I'm actually do know how to design clothes but i know that if i tell Zayn he's still gonna make me get a job.
"Aby do you have a dream?"
"what do you mean 'a dream'?"
"well like one day your gonna live your dream to become whatever you want to become."
"oh, my dream is becoming a dancer but if that doesnt work out than maybe a model..."
" you dance?"
"yeah, i started dancing when i was ten, it made me feel relaxed ... it still does.."
" yo know, we always talk about me... tell about yourself"
"alright what do you want to know?"
"okay, i was born-"
"no, not that like school and hobbies or stuff like that"
"okay then..."


Sorry !!! i know, i know: its a short chapter and its late but as i said in my authors note if you read it, it said that i just entered school again and I'm a little behind so please just be patient. I'm pretty sure that mostly everyone entered school already.
but anyways please comment if you have any suggestions on what should write next although i pretty much already have the next chapter plan out so i don't need many help.
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UPDATE!! please and thank you