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We're Family

Chapter 5

Aby's POV

After Skylar and i finished unpacking, we went downstairs to eat breakfast. Unlike my brother, i don't eat a lot. So, i only ate two pancakes while Niall ate five. 'fatass', i thought. I'm constantly trying to watch my weight, I'm already fat, i don't want to gain anymore weight.
Me and Sky agreed to stay home with the guys today. we heard that Jackie and Kassie went shopping. And it kinda hurt that they didn't at least invite us to go with them but with what happened yesterday, i wouldn't go anyway.

"What are we doing today?" Skylar asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"why don't we just stay home and you know.. catch up.. or watch a film." suggested niall.

we all said,"okay" and went to the living room.

"well how have you guys been? what have you girls been doing?" asked harry.

"well i have been okay... i guess and I've been going to school." i said.
it was awkward because we didn't know what to say. everything was quiet until Zayn spoke up,

"Skylar, you haven't told any of us why your here..." he said looking at skylar that was quietly sitting on the love seat.
she looked nervous because she didn't know how they're going to react, or what they were going to do.
and i understand, you see after the big 'misunderstanding', skylar and i talked about, well everything (mostly).
she told me she ran away from home. and her mom probably still doesn't know that she's here. no one knows but me and her younger sister, Safaa.
she doesn't want Zayn to know. she's afraid that he might send her back home. i understand but she needs to tell him because he's going to find out sooner or later.

"umm, about that..." she started, " i love you Zayn.." she continues.

"What did you do Sky?" he asked curiously.

"promise me that you love me and you won't get mad.....?" she asked with a nervous smile. At this point even I'm nervous of what he might do after she tells him. i don't want her to leave, even if we only met yesterday, i think that we're going to be really good friends.

"fine" Zayn sighed.

"i knida.. umm.. i just... ran away and mum doesn't know..." she said.

Everything went silent and everyones face expressions changed to shocked, but mine, Sky's, and .... Zayn.

Zayn's POV

When skylar told us that she ran away i wasn't shocked. First of all because it does sound like her, me and her used to be super close before i auditioned for the x-factor but than i had to go on tour with the guys and we didn't have time to talk as much anymore. And second of all because my older sister, Doniya, called this morning.


I know its a short chapter and i took a long time to update but here it is. Hope you like it and Rate, Subscribe, and Comment please.



Update please and thank you
update please!!
UPDATE!! please and thank you