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We're Family

Chapter 4

Jackie's POV.
Last Night i blew up. I admit i was jealous. #1: I thought i was going to be the only girl living with the guys, I'm not a 'sharing' person. #2 i was a bit jealous because Harry seem to like Skylar more than me. Im not usually a selfish brat, but i usually get what i want. i ended up sharing a room with Kassandra. she's not so bad. i mean i actually get along with her, she's cool. Yesterday, after my little fight with Skylar, Kassie and i talked. And she makes me feel like a friend, i think me and her will be good friends. Today, us girls have to finish unpacking, and get 'settled in'. so i change into this.
As i got the bathroom ( the one thats in mine and Kassie's room) i saw that she wasn't there anymore, maybe she went down stairs to get breakfast. So, i went downstairs to also get breakfast. All of the guys but Zayn was in the kitchen with Kassie. Aby and Skylar aren't here yet. Its not that i Hate Skylar, but i just don't like her. " Good-morning" i mumble.
everybody else mumbled their 'good morning's as I grab some pancakes that Harry was making, after i finished my breakfast, I went back upstairs to my room to finish unpacking the rest of my stuff.
we had a walk-in closet.
"helooo" said Kassie as she walked in.
"heyy" i said.
"so, what should we do today?" she asked.
"well i don't know, we could hang out with the guys or we can have like a 'girl's day out' to get to know each other." i said.
"well we should hang out with the guys right now, and then later on we ca- wait, nevermind we NEED to go shopping!" she said
"okay, we can go shopping right now and we can hang out with the guys later.." i said
"YAY, but should we invite Skylar and Abigail?" she asked.
" i don't know, right now, I'm not really they're 'best friend' because of what happened yesterday."i said.
"yeah your right, only me and you today.!" she yelled.


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