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We're Family

Chapter 3

Skylar's POV
"Skylar?", Louis says obviously shocked to see me.
"LOU !!!" i say pulling him into a tight hug.
he hugs me back, also really tight, we pull away chuckling.
"what are you doing here?" he ask
"Well... i was wondering if i can stay for a while?" i ask
"Sure, does your brother know you were coming?"he ask
"Nope." i say popping the 'p'
"ohh, bad girl." he says getting rolling suitcase and welcoming me inside.
as i walk in i see that the rest of the boys are shocked to see me. and three girls are confused.
"Really i don't get a hug." i say
i was first pulled into a hug behind me.
"Harryyy" i said happy, and i turn around to hug him back.
Then, somehow we were all in a group hug. (well except for the girls)
when they finally let me go.
" Hi Im Skylar." i say to the girls
"Im Aby" says the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes.
"Nice to meet you Aby." i say politely.
"Can i call you Sky?" Aby said
"Of course." i say with a smile
she smiled back, and i turned to the other two girls.
"Im Kassie" says the girl with blue eyes and brown hair.
"Jackie"the last one said really rudely. i was a bit taken back but i shrugged it off.
i turn to the boys and ask, "Where is Zayn?"
"In the kitchen." said Niall.
i walked over to the kitchen, he was talking in the phone.
"okay. bye Love you." he said and he hang up.
"What about me.?... you love me too?" i ask joking around, just for him to notice me.
he quickly looked up surprised to hear me.
"Skylar?" he ask
"Surprise." i say pulling him into a huge hug.
we stay like that for about a minute.when we pull away he ask " what are you doing here?"
"well, i was wondering if i can stay here for a while?"
"umm, sure. but why didn't you call?"
"i wanted it to be a surprise." i say.
" i missed you so much Sky"
"I missed you too Zayn."
" Why don't i show you your rooms?" he ask
we walk into the living room everyone was talking about something, then they saw us and Aby asked, " so, whats the plan for the rooms?"
then Liam said," Well we don't have enough rooms for everyone so you girls have to share."
"WHAT?!?!... I'm not going to share a room with anybody!" says Jackie.
"Yes, you are." Says Liam.
she is really rude. she's a brat.
"No, I'm not." she says
"Whats wrong with sharing a room?" i ask
"Look you stay out of this." she said glaring at me.
Oh. Hell. No. !! she THINKS she can yell at me but she is so DEAD wrong.
I look at Zayn, he knows Im mad. He looks at me nervously, then Jackie continues.
"Why do i have to share a room?!" she ask Liam but i was tired of listening to her.
"He just said because there isn't enough rooms !" i say.
"Did someone put you into this?!?!" she ask.
"Yes, you did. with your annoying ass voice." i said. At this time we were right in front of each other and everyone was looking at us.
she slapped me... Hard. i grabbed my check with one hand and slap her back with the other. when she turned her head, i grabbed her hair, pulled her to the ground and socked her, but i only socked her once because someone pulled me off her. Harry was holding me so i wouldn't do anything to her while Zayn and Niall were trying to calm me down. I was trying to go to her again but Harry is quite strong.
"lets just take her to her room." says Harry.he puts me on his shoulder and carries me to my room.
"Well you and Jackie aren't sharing rooms.." says Niall
"thank god." i say.
i look around the room
its a nice room.we hear a knock on the door and Aby walks in.
"I guess I'm your new roommate."she says with a smile
i smile back, "cool."


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