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We're Family

Chapter 2

Jackie's POV
Wolverhampton isn't so far away from London (only two and a half hrs) so I'm driving by myself. I'm 18 so i can drive. as i started driving i remembered the reason why i got suspended from school for three months.
*** (flashback) ***
Im walking down the hall to my locker. i have to get my history book cause my fucken teacher makes me do extra homework if i forget my book.As I'm walking to my locker i see Natalie. (Imma put this simple. I don't like Natalie.) She mad-dogs me as we pass by each other. And i do the same. once i open my locker to get my book, i hear her talking to her 2 friends, "Do you know one direction?, they don't know how to sing. especially the one named Liam.", the funny thing is that she knows that Liam is my brother. so, i slam my locker and walk over to where her and her friends are, "what did you say, bitch.?" i say. at this point I'm ready to slap her so bad. "you heard me."she said with a smile on her fake ass face. This time i did slap her. and i punched her and i pulled her hair to the ground and started punching her even more.
And thats why i got suspended.
*** (after the car ride) ***
After my three hour ride (yes, i took three hours to get here cuz i stopped a few times). i parked in the driveway to this house : French%20country%20manor%20luxury%20home%20plan%20architect, its a pretty big house. I'm going to stay here for three months so i packed 2 suitcases of clothes.
This house looks to.. elegant and nice. they are living here ALONE, with no parents. I expected to see a dirty lawn with things all over the front porch but surprisingly it looked nice and neat. i walked up to the door and knocked. As soon as Louis opened the door, he gave me a breathtaking hug."Hiii, Jack is back!!!!" Louis would always call me 'Jack' or 'Jack Sparrow', i liked it though. "Heyyy, i can't breath" i say. "oh, sorry" he said letting me go, and i chuckled. then the rest of the guys come hugging me. "so, how did you get in trouble... this time?" says Harry.
I rolled my eyes," for your information, i don't always get in trouble. but ....i got in a fight at school, and i got suspended for three months..." i say. they didn't look shocked . "that so.. you." then my brother speaks up," Why did you get in a fight.?" "Because I was defending my older brother. This girl i hate was talking shit about you and the band so i got mad, and punched her a few times..." i said. "Well she was defending us Liam, she had a reason to beat her up.." says Harry trying to convince Liam to not get me in trouble. Liam thought for a second.." Well okay. ". I hugged Harry and whispered 'thank you' in his ear. As i let go i look into his eyes, they're green. A beautiful green i could just get lost in them, but Liam called my name, breaking the focus i had in Harry's beautiful green eyes . I look over at Liam, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs. " I need to talk to you." i assumed he meant in private so i walk over to him and say, " okay then." he motions for me to go up stairs.
we went inside, what looked like, a study room. I sat down on a chair waiting for him to start talking.
"Look, i don't want living with us to be a punishment.", he started, "so, theres only going to be one rule...." i nodded my head to let him know i understand." You Absolutely Cannot Date any of the guys", he said."Especially, Harry." I'm not a girl that follows the rules. And i don't like this rule. But i nodded my head, "okay.", i say innocently. I may break this rule though....
"really?" he ask probably not sure why.
"i wasn't thinking of dating any of the guys.", i say simply.
"okay." and as soon as he said that we heard talking down stairs.

Kassie's POV
My mum just drove me to Louis' house. I was surprised that she didn't get of the car to at least say hi to Louis but i guess she was in a rush. My mum suggested that i stayed with Louis while my sisters are at the hospital. the twins are at the hospital because they had to be tested for something, i don't know, mum didn't tell my the whole story. anyways i dint want to stay with Grand-dad so, she said i could stay with Louis for three months.
I think its going to be cool cuz if i know my brother (which i do) its going to be fun.
I knock on the door and wait for an answer. And Louis opens the door. I drop my suitcase and hug him really tight, he hugs me back. we stay like that for about half a minute then we let go.
i tell him," I missed you so much."
" i missed you too Kass" he says. then he grabs my suitcase that i dropped on the floor and lets me in.
as i walk in the living room i was pulled into a group hug by the rest of the boys.
i let out a little giggle knowing that they also missed me.
"I missed you guys so much" i say
"we missed you too" says Harry.
i noticed Liam wasn't in the living room.
"Wheres Liam?" i ask.
As if by clue i see Liam walking down the stairs.
"there he is." says Louis.
then i see a girl also walking down the stairs.
Who is she? I thought Liam had a girlfriend. Im confused. And i guess Louis must have noticed because he said, "Oh by the way Kass, that's Liam sister." pointing to the girl that was with Liam.
Then Liam saw me, gave me a hug and said, "Kassie, this Jackie, my little sister. She is also staying here for a while so you guys are going to be roommates." i Look at her.
She has long, straight, brown hair, and brown eyes. I smile, wave at her and say, "Hi Jackie, my name is Kassie. Im Louis' sister."
She looks at me: up and down, like if i was examining me.
"hi."is all she said, not even smiling.
Then there was an awkward silence until there was a Knock on the door.
Louis was the closest one to the door so, he opened it.
There was another girl. She had long blonde hair, with blue eyes.
"Abyy!!!" Said Louis full of joy to see her.
"Hey Lou." She said hugging him.
Then she walked in, "Hey." she said with a big smile on her face.

Abigail's POV
as i walked in the living room i said, "Hey."
"Abigail, Finally your here!" says Harry hugging me. I hug him back and whisper 'why is it so tensed in here?' in his ear.
'hold on, in a little its going to get more tense.', i giggled knowing it might happen, since there are two teenage girl staring at me. As i pull away from him i see the girl standing next to Liam glare at me, i shrug it off. and hug Niall, " I missed you Nialler."
He hugs me back and says, "i missed you too Aby."
when we let go i go to Zayn. I hug him, he hugged me back and whispered 'Jackie looks mad.'
'who's Jackie' i whispered back.
' Liam's sister' he said, we pull away. and i walk to Liam and hug him "Leyyum" i said
"Abyyyy" he says. i giggled and said , " So, are you going to introduce me??"
"oh, right." he starts "Abigail this is Jackie..." he points to the one i think is not really happy with me.
"and this is Kassie..." he points to the other one.
i wave at both of them and say, " Hi, I'm Abigail."
Kassie smiles and says " Hi"
While Jackie stands there not saying anything.
Harry was right it was tensed already. There was an awkward silence until Zayn's phone rang and he went into the kitchen.
"so, we aren't waiting for anybody else right?", says Harry.
"Nope" says Louis popping the 'p'
"umm so where am i going to sleep?" i ask trying to make a conversation.
"oh, right we need to show you guys your rooms" said Liam.
i grabbed my suitcase, but there was a knock on the door.
"i thought you guys said you weren't wait for anybody." i say
"we aren't " says Louis going to the door to open it.
Everybody just froze wanting to know who it is.
He opened the door and said


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