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We're Family

Chapter 1

Niall's P.O.V.
"Finally", said Louis. We had just walked out of Simon's office, he told us that after two years of hard work, we finally get a three month vacation. So, we're going to London. There we have a house that we share together.
We were going to go with our families but there is too much drama at home. So we decided to just stay in our house in London and have fun without any drama....
Louis' P.O.V.
Three months.
No drama.
No concerts.
No traveling.
No management.
No interviews.
Just relaxing with the lads. Its been a long time since we were able to just have fun and hang out.
Zayn's P.O.V.
Nice, me and the lads, Three months with nothing bothering us. don't get me wrong i love my job and the fans but we just need a break .. and we rarely get any. anyways three months of just fun.
"so, we're going to home, then?", Harry asks.
"yup! i drive.", said louis
" i call shotgun." says harry.
so we go to the car, of course Louis in the driver's seat, Harry in the passenger's seat and the rest of us in the back.
When we park in our driveway we see our house. the house we haven't seen in a while.
"home...." i whisper.
we open the door and go straight to our rooms. we all have our own rooms. when i get to my room, i close the door and call my parents.
"hello?" i hear my mum say
"hey.." i say
"oh zayn sweetie. how are you?"
"good. umm i have a three month vacation.."
"oh my god, are you finally coming home ?"
"no .." i say " we're going to stay here in London, in our house.."
"oh. okay, be safe. i have to go, i have a meeting and i can't be late. i'll talk to you later."
"okay. bye... i love you mum"
" i love you too sweetie bye"
i hang up, take a deep breath and just lay on my bed.
three minutes later, i hear liam yelling....
Liam's P.O.V
"what?!?" i say
"Liam it's just for three months." says my mum trying to convince me.
"no, these three months are supposed to be my vacation."
"well it'll be fun... three months on vacation with your sister.."
"fine. but if she disobeys me, she's going back , okay?"
"okay, fine. she'll be there tomorrow at around 11am, okay?"
"fine bye"
these three months that are supposed to be 'fun', my sister is going to be here. now i have to tell the guys.
Louis' P.O.V.
"hi mum"
"hey Louis"
"how are you guys.?"
"good but i have to ask you something."
"oh okay.."
"i know you might be busy or something but could your sister stay with you for a while."
"how long?"
"three months"
"I'm going to be busy.."
"Louis please stop asking questions and answer mine "
"ummm i guess she could stay with me for a while."
"good thanks so much."
"okay, i got to go, when is she going to get here?"
"okay, bye i love you mum"
"i love you too"
so, i have to tell the other guys now...
Niall's P.O.V.
"hi Niall."
"hey, sis."
"you love me right.?" i hear her fragile little voice holding in her tears.
"of course i love you."
"can i ask you another question?"
"can i stay with you for a while..?"
what should i say, i mean i really want her to stay but this vacation is supposed to be only for us....
"ummm... sure"
i just couldn't say no, she's my little sister... but how am i going to tell the guys that my little sister is going to live with us for a while?
"oh my god. are you serious.?"
"yes, if you really need to come, you could i'll send you the plane tickets and start packing cause you'll be here by tomorrow night, okay?"
"oh my god thank you so much i love you so much.."
" i love you too sis but i got to go, i talk to you later."
"okay, bye."
Harry's P.O.V
Finally vacation.
im in the living room, waiting for the other guys, I'm pretty sure that their talking to their parents. i just finished talking to mum. all we said is that we miss each other and that i'll see her in three months or so.
i was deep into my thoughts until i hear Liam coming down the stairs. it looks like he wants to tell us something. "oh hey Harry, where are the others." he says once he noticed me. "upstairs probably also talking to their parents ." i reply. "oh well, i'll just wait until they come i guess." so he does want to tell us something.... and then we here 3 pairs of feet coming down the stairs. once we were all sitting down Liam began
"so.... umm my sister has to stay with us these three months that we are in vacation."
i looked around to see there reactions.. Niall and Louis looked relieved and Zayn looked like he didn't care.
"cool. because my sister is also staying" Louis said
"nice because my sister is also staying" said Niall
"so, Zayn is your sister also staying?" i asked
"no, is yours?" he asked
"nope." i said popping the 'p'
"well, our 'vacation' somehow turned into babysitting." said Liam
"so, 'vacation'.?"...


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