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Wilder Mind


Harry and I took all the new employees up to the roof for lunch and talked to them about their life before Wolfe. It was nice to get to know the people who were working for us more personally rather than just professionally.
The rest of the work day was pretty shot after that, Rhodes left earlier so we weren't so productive the rest of the day and when 5 o'clock hit we were lined up at the door.
I walked out to the lot with Louis, Liam, and Harry and had to take off my suit coat. It was much warmer outside than it was at lunch time.
"You fellas want to get a quick drink?" Harry asked us.
"Yeah, I've just gotta be ready for dinner with Kira at 7." I agreed.
"Who's Kira?" Louis said raising his eyebrows on me.
"She's my girlfriend of three years." I sighed.
"Doesn't sound like you're too happy about that." Liam teased.
"Things aren't so hot right now, I guess." I explained.
We all met up on 10th and 43rd at the Lansdowne for a drink that lasted about 30 minutes. I wish it could've lasted longer because I wasn't looking forward to dinner. I know that Kira was going to be irritable because she had to work a long shift today but I promised her last week I'd take her out after it. I said goodbye to my mates and headed back to my flat on 52nd.
I showered off and styled my hair again and put on one of my short sleeve button downs and the same pants as earlier. I took one more look in the mirror and ruffled my hair quick before grabbing my wallet and keys and I locked up.
Driving through the city was hell right after work which is why me and the guys would go and get a drink after a lot to let the traffic subside. Since it was about 6:30 the traffic was to a minimum so I didn't mind driving myself and Kira tonight. I pulled up to her building and fought for a parking spot. I was early, our reservation wasn't for another half hour.
I walked into her building and took the elevator up to her floor and knocked at her door. There was no answer at first so I tried again and heard some footsteps.
"Hey Kira." I smiled at her and leaned down to give her a quick kiss.
"Hey, I just gotta do my hair alright?" she told me.
"Yeah no problem, we've got like a half hour before the reservation." I said and followed her to the bathroom.
Kira was short but she always wore extremely tall heels to make up for it. Her hair was a bright blonde that she was always seeming to dye to get it brighter and brighter. It came down past her shoulders and always framed her face beautifully. And her eyes were a pale blue, much like mine. She really was a vision and I still don't know how I managed to secure her.
"Did you wear that to work today?" I asked commenting on her low cut shirt.
"Yeah, do you have a problem with it?" she snapped while curling her hair.
"Well, I personally have no problem with it but I don't want anyone else to not have a problem with it." I said.
"Well, when you're working at a bar in between jobs trying to make as many tips as you can you've gotta flaunt what you have. Did they not teach you that in Ireland huh?" she said exasperatedly.
I was leaning in the doorway with my hands in my pocket. I always had the ring on me and I was running my fingers over it, but the further we got into this conversation the less I wanted it on her finger.
"Well, I just don't want anybody stealing you from me." I smiled trying to defuse the tension.
"Yeah you better watch out for all those alcoholics that are drinking at ten in the morning. They're really catching my attention, trying to snatch me up you know." she said teasingly.
I grabbed her waist to turn her to face me and she squealed while putting her curling iron down.
"Who is he, I'll fight him." I joked to her then kissed her and squeezed her waist.
"Niall, stop! I've gotta finish my hair." she said between kisses and laughs.
It's moments like these when I remember the beginnings of our relationship. I met her four years ago. I was with Harry in Brooklyn at a stag party for someone we worked with and it was really lame so we went to get a drink at a bar a few blocks down. When we got to the bar we noticed there was a party going on and after asking the bar tender what was happening, we found out it was a 21st birthday party for one of the girls. Harry and I didn't pay much attention to them at first until a few came over and started pestering us.
We had a few drinks with them and laughed and they asked if we could walk with them back to their hotel. It was such a shitty area in Brooklyn we figured we should because these women were drunk out of their mind. We walked and talked with them and they used us for crutches. When made it there this younger blonde girl whose birthday it was thanked us and we watched all the color drain from her face. She threw up on my shoes and apologized immensely, and that was my first impression of Kira.
We went on a couple dates here and there for a little while but really got serious after about a year of knowing each other. So we've been dating for just over three years ago. I've met her parents a couple times but I've never brought her out to Ireland with me just because of the costs.
Wolfe is growing internationally so they have been hiring international students out of college and most who apply too. That's how Harry and I got in a mere five years ago and I'm guessing that's why they brought Liam and Louis in this year too.
My mind stopped wandering when Kira walked past me and shook out her hair.
"Where are we going? Should I change?" she asked me.
"Yeah I guess you could put on a sun dress or something, it's pretty warm out there." I commented.
"Alright give me a second." she said and I followed her off to her room now.
She tossed her shirt and jeans on the floor and stared into her closet while I took a seat on her bed.
"Hey, put on those heels while you're looking." I commented and motioned toward the bright pink ones on the floor.
"You're a sick person." she teased but obliged and put them on.
"What? I really enjoy the view." I defended myself.
Like I said before, she was a vision. Her curves were extraordinary and the heels made all her muscles in her legs flex. I smiled and whistled at her. She threw the dress she was holding at me. She grabbed another one and decided that was the one and stepped into it.
"Come zip me?" she asked and batted her eyes.
I stood up and walked over to her and zipped up the back, running my finger up her skin in the process. She twirled around once and fixed the way the black fabric hung on her then grabbed her purse.
"Alright I'm ready let's go." she smiled.
She was acting rather happy which surprised me considering the long shifts she was working lately.
"What has you in such a good mood today?" I finally asked as we rode the elevator down.
"Oh, nothing in particular, it's just we haven't done this in a while I guess." she simply responded.
"Yeah well you've been working crazy shifts and I got that promotion so now I have to be even more dedicated to my work." I said.
"You got a promotion?" she asked.
"Yeah, Rhodes promoted me and Harry and Nate to supervisors and we had a ton of new people come in." I answered rather excited.
She scrunched her nose up at Nate's name. I didn't understand why she hated him so much but I kept quiet until we got to the car. I opened her door for her and walked around to my side and got in. She had the sun visor down and was using the mirror to touch up her make up. She put on a pink lipstick that matched her shoes and ran another coat of mascara over her eyes.
"Where are we going?" she asked.
In all honesty I made this reservation a few months ago at a beautiful restaurant in Midtown and I planned on proposing to her tonight. I made the reservation the same night I got her ring back from the jewelers when everything was more than marvelous between us. But even despite her behavior tonight, normally she was absolutely miserable and I decided about a week ago to wait a while before popping the question.
But I wasn't about to give up my reservation at this restaurant.
"Aureole." I said and glanced over.
She was puckering her lips in the mirror making sure her lipstick coated her lips evenly.
"Wow, how'd you get in there?" she asked.
"Nate wasn't using his reservation tonight so he gave it to me." I lied.
I drove the rest of the way in silence. Here was the moody Kira that I have known for the few months.
"Is there a problem with that?" I asked.
"No, I just didn't expect that to be your answer." she said back then turned her head out the window.
I glanced back to the road only to get cut off by a massive bus.
"Fuck! What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled at the driver.
Kira gave me a deep side eye. She hates it when I swear and to make matters worse I had my window down.
"Sorry." I mumbled to her.
She rolled her eyes. God I couldn't wait to get this dinner over with.
I found a spot across the street and waited for her to get out of the car. I reached for her hand to walk across with her. I held the door open for her trying to be as good of a gentleman as possible to lighten the mood. She thanked me quietly and we waited for our reservation to be called to be seated.
I ordered a couple glasses of wine and the waiter left us to look over the menu. She squinted slightly trying to read it in the dim lighting and scrunched up her nose in the process. I laughed lightly and she looked up at me.
"What?" she asked.
"I just don't know why you ever decided to let me take you out on a date in the first place." I smiled.
"Oh stop. Nothing was stopping me, you do realize how big of an influence an accent has on a girl."
The rest of dinner went by with just simple banter like this, and I wish that's how it was all the time.
"So you want to stay at mine tonight?" I asked and raised my eyebrow as we walked back out to the car.
"Niall, I'm so tired and I have another long shift tomorrow, I don't think I can." she said making excuses.
"Alright I'll just bring you back to your place I guess." I sighed.
Once again we drove in silence until I got to her apartment.
"So I have bar night with the agency on Friday, do you want to come?" I asked.
"I can't, I have to work during the day and I'm waiting to hear back about a casting call that night." she explained.
"You got a call?" I asked.
"Yeah it's just for an ad though it's not some major modeling job. It's something though." she shrugged.
"Alright well keep me posted on that."
"I will."
I leaned across the center console and gave her a kiss.
"Goodnight, love you." I smiled.
"Yeah, you too, I'll talk to you tomorrow." she said and got out of the car.
As she walked up to the building she turned around and waved at me. I nodded at her and watched her walk inside. I pulled the ring out of my pocket and inspected it. I placed it on top of the console and pulled off the curb.
We had never even discussed marriage but when she talks about her future I'm still in it sometimes. It was never going to be good enough for her, she'd probably expect some big diamond with smaller ones all around the band. And pure gold. But I just couldn't afford exactly what she wanted. It would never be enough for her, and I fear that I would never be enough for her either.



Hey thanks for reading! Just put up another chapter!

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Pleaseeeeeee update

I love these little moments they have. Can't wait for things to get heated ;)