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Saving A Fallen Star (Book 1 in Saved series)

Chapter 8: Pain

Kaya's P.O.V.

I was in pain; pain so deep that I wanted just wanted to die on the spot. Then I heard a heavenly voice saying "Please, please don't give up, stay with me. Stay with me."

It was obviously a male but my brothers voices weren't that low and my dad was dead. I didn't have a boyfriend but I recognized this voice. I felt my hand being squeezed, tight but in a gentle way. This was bugging me so I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my hand. Someone was holding it! I’m not going crazy! I could have cried with relief but who was holding my hand?? I couldn't figure it out so I followed the hand to its owner and my heart stopped. I stuttered "H-Harry?"

(Meanwhile back at the concert hall.)

"Oh man, oh man, oh man! What am I going to do?? What am I going to tell her mom? 'Hi Kaya's mom! Everything's okay, except your daughter's in the hospital. Bye now.' HA! Yeah right I'm telling her that."
She then saw Liam and ran toward him, calling, “Liam, Liam! Please stop!"

Liam stopped and turned toward her. "Listen I'm sorry now's not a good time."

"No trust me it's a good time, I'm Kaya's best friend."


"Oh! That's right you don't her name. Okay rephrase: I’m that girl's, who saved Harry's life, best friend."

"Really? Prove it." Louis said.

"You want me to prove it! Fine I'll prove it. She was wearing a red mini dress, dark jeans, matching jean jacket, and brown sandals. She has shoulder length, wavy, chestnut hair. Hazel eyes, very deep hazel eyes, no make-up. Her name is Kaya C. Smith; she is 18 and wants to be a professional runner. Have I proved it??"

"Yeah, pretty much. We are going to see her now, you coming?"


(Back to Kaya)

My leg was shattered. That's all there was to it. I was on some serious pain killers until they figured out what to do. I lay there helpless in the hospital bed, and Harry was pacing. I could no longer stand the silence.
"Harry. Why? Why did you care if I lived or died?"

He stopped pacing looking shocked, he then said, "Because you were the answer to a feeling I've had all day. When I saw you in the crowd, I wanted nothing more than to meet and get to know you, maybe date you. I like your style and who wouldn't want you to live?"

I only heard the first part. He wanted to meet me!! I managed, "R-Really? Y-You wanted to get to know ME????"

"Yes." He paused for a minute then said, “We haven't been properly introduced, I'm Harry Styles. I figure you know that but uhh... What's your name?"

"Ohh! I'm so sorry. I am such a cotton-head sometimes. I'm Kaya, Kaya C. Smith."

Cassy then burst into the room. "Kaya! Thank goodness! I thought you...”

"Died? Well obviously I'm not dead, but my leg is busted pretty badly."

"Kaya, next time you do something heroic or stupid, let me know beforehand."

"Look I'm sorry Cassy... Wait. I did let you know beforehand, I said, ‘Cassy I've gotta go!!' "

"Yeah that doesn't mean, "Hey Cassy! I'm going to save Harry's life and not come back."

I would have said something to defend myself (Again), but just then the rest of the band walked into the small room.



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