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London Calling - Comments

Yes I'm interested in Nialls story

@honeymystic @xXFluffy_GruXx

I've opened requests on my Tumblr for standalone pieces. My first one will be Niall and Lyla's story. But I'm interested in seeing what people what to read sooooooo if you're still interested in standalone stories connected with this let me know what you want to hear and they will be posted likely on tumblr and potentially on here!

Personally, I would do standalone, just because London Calling is really about Harry and Annie. The others will be about say... Niall and Lyla. It's a different love story that is just intertwined... does that make sense?

Awesome. So here is my big question. Do I need to start another story for the standalone fics connected with London Calling or do I just add them as chapters to this story?

Thank you! Same goes for you! :)

It's the worst, right? I took a little me time tonight and hung out with my brother, niece and nephew. It was a perfect recharge. Not much beats laying in bed with a four-year-old having her giggle at Harry in a pink suit and telling me she likes Sign of the Times. If you ever need a fellow author to vent to about feeling stuck or like you need a break I'm here for ya!

Completely understandable. I'm actually facing the same problem with my story as well.

I would never let it distract from ITHOLA but my brain might need to take a break from it as I've written roughly 106,000 words in like 6 weeks all in this one fic. A short break to spend some time with Harry, Annie and their friends in London might be just what I need.

I would like to know how Niall ended up with Lyla!! Very much so! As long as it doesn't interfere with ITHOLA because that story, girl, is AMAZING!!!

Oh I knew there was no hope what so ever. I had a venti iced caramel macchiato at like 1:00 this afternoon. Still wired. Which makes me happy that my first meeting tomorrow isn't until 11 and that it's at a coffee shop. Clearly caffeine will be my friend. I knew I'd at least try to stay up until it's released at 2AM my time (midwest for life!) but at this rate I'll hear Harry and Grimmy sign off of Radio 1 Breakfast. Ugh.

Girl, I was actually about to go to sleep at a decentish time and then saw that the single was being released in an hour. I was like damn, well there goes my sleep. Also, Happy Solo Harry Day. :)

Thank you! I'm going to be completely honest, I sobbed writing the last few chapters. And then the authors note for the final chapter (not the epilogue) oh I most definitely BAWLED my eyes out. Made my bestie cry when she read it. So you aren't aren't alone in the crying. And I'm so glad you found it and liked it. I only wanted to write something fun that people would enjoy.
PS. Happy Solo Harry Day! :)

Bruh. I'm crying. Like legitimately crying. This book is absolutely precious and I'm so glad I found it. :)

Yes! I do intend to do a standalone extra to this that tells the story of Niall and Lyla. I will likely post it on Tumblr as I've lost the access to the account that posted Always in my Head which was where I was posting stand alones. I had a plan for Niall and Lyla to always end up together even prior to deciding I wanted to create the Niki character and I've got plans for how to tell their story as well. :)

So happy you finished this. Do you think you will write how niall's relationship happened?