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One Direction at Camp - Comments

Check out my new story, I have put together lots of short stories that I have uploaded to different sites :) go check it out xxx


I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!

oh my god update please

oh my god update please

cant wait for the treasure hunt!!

can you please update this story i love it so much!!!!

Can't wait for update

Update soon plz

thanks I'm updating slowly lol, lots of uni work and I'm teaching in school so planning and stuff so bare with me if I don't upload much during the week <3

love this story

Love this story!!!

Update soon plz

Update soon plz