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Save Your Heart - Comments, page 5

Ok, thanks

if you go to my blog; notarealhipster.tumblr.com theres a link at the top that says ' Save Your Heart (My Heart Skips A Beat Sequel) ' the new chapter is there :) there are also links to my 2 other fics. but HERE is a link just in case you still are having trouble
I can't find the chapter still :/ can you help?
Okay, so this is Samantha. I am actually the author of this story, but I had to sign in with Twitter because at this point, I had no other option. I've been trying to sign into this account through Tumblr (which is what i've always done) for like 4 days, and still am not able to. I don't know if it's something wrong with my account, or something wrong with the site. But that's the reason I haven't been able to update. If you wanted to read the new chapter, it's posted on my tumblr ; notarealhipster.tumblr.com
but if someone could PLEASE let me know what's going on with this login issue, i would REALLY appreciate it.

omg thanks!! i love YOU <3
I love your stories

thanks !! i'm really glad you read it / liked it :)
This is really good!